Kelsea Rice

Kelsea Rice


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Kelsea Rice is a graphic designer who was inspired by her family to pursue a career in the arts. Growing up in the Fraser Valley, she strongly believes in community and supporting local businesses. She makes brands come to life with her unique thinking and bold illustration style. Kelsea wants to inspire others to believe in themselves and never doubt what they are capable of. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, Netflix binging and spending time with her cats.

Award: 2017 George Haroutiun National Scholarship Advertising runner-up.

English Tarts | Brand Identity, Digital

Kelsea Project 1 - 1

Venom Records | Brand Identity, Digital

Kelsea Project 2 - 1

Graphic + Digital Design

The Graphic + Digital Design program uses a multidisciplinary approach to introduce the knowledge, technology and skills graduates need to succeed in the creative industry today.

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